January 03, 2018

Antibacterial Resistance Doesn't Always Develop at the Site of Infection

When prescribing an antimicrobial, Dr. Maddison explains, veterinarians are changing the flora in the animal’s gut.

Jill Maddison, BVSc, PhD, FACVSc, SFHEA, MRCVS, professor of general practice in clinical sciences and services at the Royal Veterinary College, says that although it’s commonly believed the site of infection is where antibacterial resistance develops—and sometimes it can be—there are other causes that have been overlooked. For example, Dr. Maddison explains, when prescribing an antimicrobial, veterinarians are changing the flora in the animal’s gut. 

In particular, the impact in flora can cause populations of resistance or, more importantly, potentially develop dysbiosis—a microbial imbalance. 

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