July 03, 2018

Top 5 Articles for June 2018

Did you miss any important news last month? These were the 5 most popular articles from June.
By American Veterinarian Staff
Canine Cancer Trial

5. UPDATE: Largest Interventional Canine Clinical Trial Begins Next Stage

A canine clinical trial researching the effectiveness of a cancer vaccine in preventing any type of cancer in dogs is ready for its next stage of work.

Scruff-Free Pledge

4. Will You Take the 'Scruff-Free' Pledge?

International Cat Care is asking veterinarians to take a “scruff-free” pledge and institute alternative methods for handling cats in the exam room.


3. Dog Survives Hemangiosarcoma Clinical Trial

Meet the first dog to complete a clinical trial aimed at treating hemangiosarcoma.


2. Service Dogs May Lower Stress Levels of Veterans With PTSD

Can service dogs help military veterans face their current battles with post-traumatic stress disorder?


1. Blocked Antigen Causes False-Negative Heartworm Test Results

Preheating samples before testing is recommended to improve diagnostic sensitivity rates.

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