July 18, 2018

PRODUCT NEWS: Blue Buffalo Launches Canine Diet for Obesity, Joint Health

The new diet has been shown to reduce body fat and body weight in dogs while improving arthritis scores.
By Kerry Lengyel
A new therapeutic diet from Blue Buffalo, the nation’s leading natural pet food company, is now available for dogs suffering from obesity and arthritis: Blue Natural Veterinary Diet Weight Management + Mobility (W+M) Support.

“Obesity and joint conditions affect a large number of veterinary clients,” Victoria Carmella, DVM, director of veterinary services for Blue Buffalo, said.

In fact, 56% of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, and approximately 25% of dogs are diagnosed with some form of arthritis.

The new diet has been clinically proven to help manage dogs’ body condition while supporting lean muscle maintenance during weight loss. According to research conducted by the company, body fat was reduced by 39.6% and overall body weight by 16.3% within 2 months of beginning the diet, and arthritis scores improved over time.

“This new therapeutic food has also been shown to improve mobility in dogs with degenerative joint disease,” Dr. Carmella said.

The new dry diet, part of the Blue Natural Veterinary Diet line, contains several ingredients to support healthy weight loss (L-carnitine, betaine, dietary fiber, turmeric, vitamin C, vitamin E) joint health (omega-3 fatty acids, shrimp meal).

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