October 16, 2017

Global Cat Day 2017

Today is Global Cat Day—a day for people around the world to stand up for policies that protect all cats in their communities. Global Cat Day is taking the place of National Feral Cat Day, which was initiated by Alley Cat Allies, a global engine of change for cats, in 2001. This campaign is racing toward a goal of 100,000 people signing a pledge to support advocacy efforts for all cats, including cats who call the outdoors their home. 

In support this this day, we've compiled videos we took with Audra Farrell, Community Cares supervisor for the San Francisco SPCA, regarding all her organization has done for feral cats. Learn how you can help—both as a veterinarian and as a member of your community—to protect and care for all cats living outside.
By American Veterinarian Editorial Staff

Audra Farrell, Community Cares supervisor for the San Francisco SPCA, explains how the San Francisco SPCA's Mama from the Streets program works. The program got started because people were bringing newborns and young kittens under 6 weeks of age to animal care facilities when those facilities were limited in resources for these kittens. 

Mama from the Streets will try and also trap the feral mother cat along with her kittens, bring them all in to be spayed or netuered, return the mother cat to where she was found, and then adopt out the kittens.
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