November 21, 2017

Get to Know the ASPCA's 2017 Animal and Human Heroes

Here is a complete list of the ASPCA’s 2017 animal and human heroes, including the dog and cat of the year.
By Amanda Carrozza
ASPCA Dog of the Year: Rescue
Rescue, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, is the service dog of Jessica Kensky, who became a double amputee as a result of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Rescue regularly provides essential support to Kensky, including opening doors, fetching objects, and calling for emergency help. Rescue was donated to Kensky by the National Education for Assistance Dog Services through its Pawsitively Strong Fund, which provided service dogs to qualifying survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Inspired by their experiences with Rescue, Kensky and her husband, Patrick Downes, are co-writing a children’s book, Rescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship, featuring a service dog named Rescue and a girl with disabilities similar to Kensky’s.
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